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please allow me to introduce myself....

My name is Natasja Timmermans. I live and work in Eindhoven and surroundings. I am a certified trainer in Mindfulness and Compassion as well as member of the Vereniging Voor Mindfulness (VVM) and the MBCL register A (Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living).

Mindfulness association
Compassion training

Mindfulness can help you to Focus on those aspects that are really important and healthy for you.
Compassion is also called Heartfulness, and is an elaborartion of Mindfulness, whereby the aim is to make contact with your Heart.
Therefor my practice is called Focus@Heart.
Besides Mindfulness and Compassion I also organize meditation and coaching.


Through my extensive work experience as a re-integrationcounselor I came in touch with a lot of different people with different backgrounds. I supervised people to a new (volunteer) job. Along the run I became more interested in what drives people and what obstructs people to live their lives to their full potential. I worked for various organizations in various projects. One of these organizations was the GGzE in Eindhoven, specialized in mental health, where I also started to work with groups. As a professional trainer at the GGzE. I gave different courses to adults with Autism and there families. One of these courses was Mindfulness.

Diplomas and certicates

Because you are never too old to learn...

2015 – Additional scholing Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living at Centrum voor Mindfulness, Amsterdam, certificate
2014 – Trainerseducation Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living at I AM, Gent, certificate
2012 - Trainerseducation Mindfulness at Rino Zuid, Eindhoven, certificate. This is a special education for giving courses as a trainer in Mindfulness as a treatment for mental health clients through Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Compassion Treatment (MBCT)..
2010 - NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at Theo Bruekers, Belfeld, certificate
2009 - Theory and Practice-course Autism at Tripode, certificate
2008 - NLP Practitioner at Resperienced, Best, certificate
2006 - Rehabilitation and mental problems, at Stichting Rehabilitatie ’92, Utrecht, certificate
2005 - IRB Trajectbegeleiding and –bemiddeling (counseling), module A bij Stichting Rehabilitatie ’92, Utrecht, certificate
1996 - HBO Personell & Organisation Management, Hogeschool Eindhoven, diploma
1991 - MBO Short education Tourism, Sigmacollege Maastricht, diploma
1989 - HAVO Rijksscholengemeenschap Den Hulster Venlo, diploma